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Bruce Preston Construction, Inc is a local builder with high standards for quality

We are not dedicated solely to big budget, high profile projects.  We build quality homes and commercial buildings at all price levels.

Bruce has a strong hands on background in custom construction with over a million square feet of custom home and commercial framing experience, we know how to do quality work in an efficient manner.  Bruce's background helps customers get what they want.  We believe that a good quality plan should be built as it is designed.  


Quality Building is Our Highest Priority

 Craftsmanship is very important, but so is the building process. We put a strong emphasis on providing accurate estimates and budgets. In residential construction architects and designers, typically, do not create specifications with the Blueprints. This is where our professionalism really benefits our customers. We provide legitimate, usable budgets. If you have had a new home built before, you know how valuable this is. 

We believe in Value

 We believe in Value. Cost/Quality = Value. I have found that we get the best value by using the best subcontractors and suppliers available. We are proud of the people that work on our projects. We try to do enough volume that we get buying power through our suppliers and subcontractors, but not so big we cannot give personal, custom service. We have found that, many times, we can offer superior products and services for the same or less than products and services our competitors offer. Talk with us about your new home.  

Our Recommended Process


1. To Build

 Deciding you want to build a new home. Then choosing an area or neighborhood you would like to live in. If you do not already own a lot, this is a good place to start. 

2. Prequalification

 Determine how much you want to spend. Determine your borrowing capacity or comfort level for a mortgage with a construction loan specialist. Lenders' specializing in new construction are, usually, the most competitive in pricing and most helpful with requirements unique to new home construction. If you do not have a construction lender in mind, we can refer you.3. PROPERTY SELECTION 

3. Property Selection

 Researching lots currently available within your price range should be within a percentage of your total budget. Keep in mind topography, slope, view, solar orientation, and neighborhood covenants and restrictions. We can help with this part. Our experience may help in determining effect on construction cost and design. 

4. Home Design

 Have your new home designed to your budget, needs and wants of your lifestyle, and to your property. If you do not have an architect or designer we will gladly refer you. Quality plans are the best step to ensure VALUE. We can help with a general cost per square foot based on style and features you desire. 

5. Budgeting & Contract

 As plans are being drawn, we can meet and talk about features and products you may want in your new home. With blue prints and a site plan complete, we can give you a detailed budget. A detailed budget is derived from customer selections of materials, finishes, and products. We can help fill in the gaps and provide specifications for the entire project. This gives you a legitimate budget for the construction of your new home. These choices/selections are not final, but as construction progresses, having realistic products and quantities in your budget makes staying in budget much easier.

 With plans, specifications, and pricing ready, we complete the construction contract. With contract in place construction financing and building permits can be formally applied for. You will receive a job book complete list of materials from types of concrete to appliances. 

6. Construction & Completion

 During construction we oversee and perform work while ordering and arranging for deliveries of building materials. We provide choices and options as the construction schedule progresses. Our building professionals and suppliers help you in making selections throughout the process. 

 Upon completion of construction, we meet with you and go over the final details. It is truly our pleasure to hand you the keys to your new home. 

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